Hints & Tips for a Productive FLAG Meeting

Many Food for Life Action Groups are already on the ground, working to create better food culture in schools across Scotland. Below are some hints and tips we’ve seen in action for running a successful FLAG meeting.  

  • If your FLAG is just getting started, our ‘Hints and Tips for Food for Life Action Groups’ document is your first port of call. Login to your account to access this.
  • Discuss what has been happening and allow pupils to share their ideas on what is working and what isn’t working so well.
  • Divide and conquer.  Have lots on your FLAG’s to-do list? Why not divide your FLAG into small groups to divvy up the work? Use your FLAG meeting time as an opportunity to get down to business. Consider pairing older pupils with younger ones to work together.
  • Have some new ideas? Discuss and plan. Help put ideas into action by using the ‘How? How? How?’ method. This activity and many more helpful resources for your FLAG,developed by our sister programme in England, Food for Life Partnership, can be found here.
  • Remember – Food for Life schools evidence their work by sharing stories on our website. Why not use your meeting time to share YOUR stories? There is loads of great food work happening in all of the schools we’ve visited and we want to read about it! Pair an older pupil and a younger pupil to work together to write up a wee story about what’s been happening at your school. Don’t forget a picture!
  • Celebrate successes and share with the whole school.  Did your FLAG help create a better dining experience for your school? Or help everyone understand where your school food comes from? Or help organise a school-wide food event? Don’t forget to pat yourselves on the back! Consider simple ways of celebrating food victories in your school.

So, what are your hints and tips for running a productive FLAG meeting? Share them here.


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