Food for Life Action Groups get down to business

Food for Life Scotland's Education and Engagement Officer, Sammi Jones tells us about what Food for Life Schools are getting up to...

Food for Life Action Groups (FLAG) are getting down to business! Several FLAGs have already met to discuss their Food for Life action plan for the school year ahead, and it’s great to see teachers, pupils, parents & catering staff working together to spread the ‘good food for all’ message.

The schools we are working with to pilot the Food for Life Scotland (FFLS) education framework for the year have been given their own copy of the Guide to the FFLS Framework, as well as Toolkits to help them get started on the four action areas: Culture, Community, Curriculum and Catering. The Toolkits are designed to help teachers, pupils, parents and catering staff reflect upon what’s already happening in their schools with regard to food, plan what they want to do for the year, and carry out their planned actions - as well as encourage everyone in the school to share their ideas and feedback with the school community and on the FFLS website. 

All of the schools we’ve met with have started their good food journey in one way or another, through growing food, cooking in classrooms, farm visits or healthy tuck shops. Using the FFLS Framework will empower schools to achieve even more by extending the food conversation within and outwith the school community – we want everyone sharing their good food stories, what works and what doesn’t, and unique ideas with each other! Together we can transform food culture and food systems across the country; so we can eat food that is good for us, our communities and our planet.

If you would like more information about the Food for Life Scotland Education Framework, please contact Kirsten Leask or Sammi Jones at

Pictured is Currie High School's Food for Life Action Group.


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