Fabulous new resources for schools and early years settings!

There's great excitement here at Food for Life Scotland HQ -  we've just launched our new microsite of resources for schools and early years settings! 

Co-produced in partnership with educators, caterers, and experts from our focus groups, these new resources are designed to help even more of Scotland's educational settings and the communities around them embed a whole-school approach to good food.

We want to help you explore and celebrate the many ways in which food can add value and meaning to everyday learning, raise attainment, and help us all play our part in a happy, healthy, sustainable future as a Good Food Nation.

All of our resources are FREE to settings that register with us - just click here to register your school or nursery. Once we've approved your registration, you're good to go!

As always, we warmly welcome your feedback on our resources, and your suggestions and ideas for new things, so please do drop us a line at with your thoughts.

Don't forget to share your food-related stories on our website - we want our learners and educators to inspire and be inspiring!

The Food for Life Scotland Team


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