All about the Food for Life Catering Mark

Did you know that nearly half of all primary school meals in Scotland are now Food for Life Catering Mark-certified? This is great news for schools…but what is the Food for Life Catering Mark, and what does it stand for?

The Food for Life Catering Mark means that the food you are served has met a strict set of requirements, called ‘Standards’. You can find out more about the Standards on the Soil Association’s website. The Food for Life inspectors will visit the organisation that supplies the meals every year to make sure that the Standards are still being met. There are three levels of Catering Mark Award: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The catering staff in your school will know the Standards inside & out in order to ensure they are meeting them. But how much does the rest of your school know about the Standards? Do words like ‘organic,’ ‘sustainable,’ ‘GM-free,’ or ‘free-range’ ring a bell?

We think the Standards are a great learning stimulus for any school, regardless of whether it serves Catering Mark-certified meals or not, so we've developed a set of Factsheets for schools to help them find out more. These Factsheets are packed with information which has been designed to help your whole school to understand and explore the Standards, and they're full of ideas and inspiration for activities which can be linked across much of Curriculum for Excellence.

How do we get hold of the Factsheets?

Sign up your school and/or login to access these Factsheets. Don’t forget to come back to the website to share your story about what YOU did to learn more about the Standards! Why not try using the Food for Life Catering Mark Calculator to see if your favourite food would meet Bronze, Silver or even Gold Catering Mark Standard?!



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