We're getting started!

by Anne McClure, Cowie Primary School,


Cowie Primary School, Stirling

At our first FLAG meeting we discussed the findings of our evaluation on food culture.  There were very clear issues for pupils and staff – noise, long queues, little time to play outside, crowded space, not being able to sit next to friends,  and a lack of table manners.  We all decided it was time for a change!  So… here is what we decided to do first:


·         Introduce a dinner rota system.  This will address three issues – congestion in the dinner hall, long queues and little time to play outside.  This will also address some of the potential issues as a result of the anticipated uptake of school dinners in January 2015 (in response to the Government initiative for P1-3 pupils).  Some pupils will go out to play before having their lunch while others have lunch first then go out to play.  The pupils are quite excited about this change!  Overall, we hope that their dining experience will be more enjoyable.


·         Recruiting senior pupils to help support other pupils with lunchtime routines.  They will be part of a rota system and will be easily recognisable in the dining hall (they will have coloured tabards) for others to seek support.  Duties will include assisting children in their choice of tray, collection of cutlery and crockery and the disposal of waste.


·         Set up a restaurant like area within the dining room.  The senior pupils will be involved in the creation of a restaurant like area which will be used to reward our monthly certificate winners.  Senior pupils will be trained in setting tables and supporting others with table manners. Watch this space! 




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