Turkey and trimmings for thousands in Glasgow

by Peter Carroll

School catering provider Cordia served up a cracker of a festive feast every day this week and last week to many of Glasgow’s 70,000 pupils.

Both primary and secondary pupils tucked into a traditional Christmas meal during the last two weeks with each individual school choosing its own day to serve. 

More than 500 turkeys, two tons of sprouts and an incredible 950kgs of roast potatoes – not to mention gallons of gravy and thousands of chipolatas - were prepared and scoffed for what could have been Scotland’s biggest Christmas dinner.

Julia McCreadie, head of facilities management and Cordia’s hospitality arm Encore, said: “The average family Christmas dinner for five people can be challenging enough for any cook. So spare a thought for our hard-working school catering teams each serving hundreds of hungry pupils eager to have their turkey, trimmings and, dare I say it, Brussels sprouts.”     

Halal and vegetarian options normally provided in schools were also available to pupils. All school meals prepared and served by Cordia adhere to the Scottish Government legistion on nutrition. 

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