The Pesky Crows.

by Cheryl Stevenson, Hillhead Primary School

On visiting our local Secondary school (Kilmarnock Academy) we soon realised the importance of making ourselves healthy snacks and meals.

We began to grow a variety of vegetables, icluding lettuce, onions, spring onions, carrots and beetroot. We decided as a class we were going to make Beet Burgers, when our crops were ready. Beet Burgers being meat free and healthy alternative to your average burgers.

Unfortunately the pesky crows ate all our crops and we were left with nothing. However, we have now planned our wonderful scarecrow for next year so this does not happen again.

Using the ingredients we tried to grow - this time purchasing them from Tesco, we were able to make our Beet Burgers fro our summer picnic.

The children had never made a meal from scratch and enjoyed all the food preperation - even the washing up afterwards. The burgers were a roaring success and we all had a wonderful time.


Miss Stevenson and Primary 6 at Hillhead PS.


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