Teachers & Catering Staff Learning about Food Together!

by Food for Life Scotland

Teachers and catering staff in East Ayrshire, Fife and Stirling came together in February to share and learn from each other at our ‘Grow, Cook, Eat’ in-service days.

Delivered in partnership with local and national expertise, the days provided participants with the opportunity to learn and build on practical food-related skills, as well as explore some of the wider learning that this ‘soil to plate’ journey can add value to.

The Royal Highland Education Trust provided participants with information on where food comes from, and local food-growing experts facilitated hands-on growing workshops. Local authority catering staff then led practical food preparation sessions; where teachers and catering staff worked together to create simple, healthy dishes from local, seasonal ingredients. Participants then sat down and shared the delicious food they had created together, whilst taking part in a Food for Life Scotland-led discussion around the importance of creating a positive food culture in the school dining hall and beyond. These practical sessions were combined with the opportunity to ‘mind-map’ the wider links that could be made across and beyond all aspects of Curriculum for Excellence.

The days were a resounding success, and discussions are underway with all of the partners concerned to offer these sessions on a regular basis.

What did participants have to say about the day?

"It will help us all work together and let pupils see how important food is for everyday life." - Senior Catering Manager in East Ayrshire

"It has reinforced what I am already doing in my own classroom but has motivated me to develop it as a whole-school approach." - Teacher in Fife

"I learned we as a school are doing things well and we should continue to push forward developing links with the community. I feel we can make a difference." - Teacher in Stirling


We’re indebted to all of the partner organisations who helped to make these days so successful. You can find out more about all of them by clicking on the links below.

The Royal Highland Education Trust

Fife Council Catering Services

Fife Diet

Stirling Council Catering Services

Forth Environment Link

East Ayrshire Council Catering Services



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