Teach the Bairns to Cook

by Sally Park, Riverside Primary School


Teach the Bairns to Cook is a whole school food technology project to be held in January 2015; with far-reaching benefits beyond that including a zest for good food for a healthy learner.  Each class will plan to learn about food technology through the culture of Scottish Food linking into our literacy focus on Robert Burns and Scottish Poetry.  We will be looking for Scottish recipes that can be created from local produce, possibly produced on farms locally. 


We will be working closely with Catering Staff within our school to draw on their expertise and knowledge of the Catering Mark to learn about the process of menu selection with regard to sustainable food, cooking and serving skills. 


Throughout this project, teachers will be ensuring that children are learning about what constitutes a healthy diet to enable them to make healthy choices and help to establish lifelong healthy eating habits.  It would also be our hope that children will develop an appreciation that eating can be an enjoyable activity and understand the role of food within social and cultural contexts. 


Primary 1 will be taking on the responsibility of running the Community Café during this project. We will be sharing the learning with parents and community members and serving up some of the food made during this project.  We have also established links with Quality Meat Scotland who are going to deliver a family cooking workshop focused around our theme, helping families to enjoy cooking and eating together at home.  We have also made links with the Tesco ‘Farm to Fork’ trails to further enhance the learning experience for all involved in our learning community. 

This is a brief outline of our Good Food Story.  As we embark on this exciting project; we aim to upload stories, photos and video from different classes across our school on our journey to becoming part of a Good Food Nation!


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