Sprouts aren't just for Christmas...

by Food for Life Scotland

Stirling and Clackmannanshire Councils hosted a day of celebrating the sprout at Forth Valley College, Raploch Community Campus. Pupils from Raploch Primary, Banchory Nursery, Kippin Primary, Balfron HS, and Cambusbarron Primary came together to learn about sprouts through a number of practical workshops, including bread and scone making, hospitality skills (menu writing, taking orders & table service), printing canvas bags using vegetables, worms and composting, and green juice making. Food for Life Scotland helped out with the juicing workshop, where the Alchemist Kitchen made pure Brussels sprout juice and also a more palatable green juice while FFLS spoke about the sustainability of the ingredients.  The sprout juice had a mixed response, as you can imagine!

After lunch the pupils presented on the sprout activities they have been doing in their schools. All of the schools were given sprout plants to grow, and although no one had harvested any sprouts yet, the pupils were learning and experiencing many aspects of the curriculum through the humble sprout.  Sprouts often get a bad rap, but the project and celebration day helped convert even the boldest of sprout-haters to sprout-enthusiasts for their health benefits, cultural importance, and ability to survive harsh Scottish weather!

As Kippin Primary's pupils put it, "Brussels sprouts aren't just for Christmas, they're for life!"


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