Reducing Waste at Knightswood

by Lewis Carmichael and Lee Stevenson Knightswood Primary School, Glasgow

At Knightswood Primary School we started a project about reducing waste. We started getting worried adout how much fruit and waste there was in our bins so we decided to reduce the waste by creating the fruit basket.

 The fruit basket is for if you don't want your fruit you could the basket so it doesn't get thrown away. Then after we have collected the basket with all of the fruit we will either give it out to pupils if they want it, or we make it in to frozen yoghurt, smoothies or in the future fruit juice (we have ordered new ice-cream making and smoothie making equipment with our Let's Grow vouchers, and hope to soon buy a juicer). Our long-term plan is to have a fruit stall in the dinner hall selling different products.

 We also weigh the school dinner bins every Tuesday and Thursday at the end of lunch times, then at our special house meetings we talk about reducing waste and we say the bin weight and how it has reduced. Each school 'house' has their own bin, we are all trying to compete! At the end of every day we weigh the bins we record our progress on our calender so we can see the results. We are also having a meeting with Cordia about the dinner ladies putting stuff on the children's plate that they don't want/like. We are also going to have a 'clear a plate day' when we want everybody to try and eat everything on their plate so we can have as little waste as possible. We are also in the future having a 'green day' where everybody is to wear green and us the house captains are dressing up as fruit!




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