Our Interesting Interview with our School Cook

by Jennifer Muir, Mayfield Primary School

We asked our dinner lady some questions to find out more about the work that goes on in our school kitchen. We asked questions like:

  • Do you have a choice of what food you serve?
  • What do you suggest we grow in our school garden for you to use?                                                                                                                                                           
  • Where do you get your fruit and meat from?

We learned lots of things about the kitchen from this interview. We found out that our fish on a Friday comes from a Sustainable Farm in Glasgow. We also discovered that our school cook and the rest of the kitchen staff come in at 7.30am to start preparing the lunch. We were surprised to find out that it takes 4 and a half hours to make the school lunches!!!

We recorded our interview on an I-pad and are going to show the rest of the school at our Food For Life Assembly. We will tell our whole school about the work the FLAG team have been doing.


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