Oliver’s Fruit Salad at Busy Bees

by Busy Bees Nursery, Edinburgh Park

Storytime is a very special time at Busy Bees nursery at Edinburgh Park and recently the children have been enjoying a book called Oliver’s Fruit Salad. Throughout the tale the children explore and experiment with different fruits.

At Busy Bees children learn about different fruits and their origins, how they grow, how they feel and how they taste. Nursery Chef Stuart White got involved in the storytelling session, weaving in a discussion around healthy eating and the benefits of fresh fruit. He also supervised children throughout the fruit prepping stages where the children get to wash, peel, slice and chunk an array of home-grown and exotic fruits.

This year Busy Bees retained their prestigious Food for Life Catering Mark Silver Award. The nursery’s dedicated catering team cooks the children’s meals and snacks fresh on site every day, as well as spending time with the children, and parents whenever required, to help promote the importance of a balanced diet and encourage positive relationships with food from such a young age.

Nursery Chef Stuart White says: “It’s really rewarding to be part of the Food for Life programme in Scotland…It’s always been my aim to deliver positive eating experiences at every mealtime, for every child in our care. The generation I’m feeding now will be our future teachers, doctors, sports heroes, politicians and cooks! It’s a privilege and a pleasure to encourage healthy eating and positive relationships with food at such an important age.” 


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