Minty fresh at Liberton High!

by Brogan McGill

Picking fresh herbs to dry and sell to staff.

The way I dried the herbs was that I went down to the garden to pick the herbs, I put the stalks together then went up to the the staff room to wash them in case there was anything on them.  Then I took them down to the Eco-room to hand them up to dry for 1/2 weeks until they were crispy.  When they were crispy I had to take them up to the classroom to put into glass jars to sell. Before I did that I had put the jars in the dishwasher to clean them and I wiped the tables clean before I started working with the food.  After that I crumpled up the leaves to put into jars. I made sure there were no stalks in them. I put the right name of the herb on the jars and put the lid on tightly. They smell lovely!! And hopefully the staff at my school will enjoy them!! 


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