Making and tasting our own yummy food

by Lauren, Islay, Jude, Ruari, Lawrie, Steven, and Ashton (P.2) St Agatha's RC PS

Primary 2 at St Agatha's RC PS have been learning about food and farming - and decided to take things one step further by making and tasting their own produce! Here's what they said...

''We made bread and then we made soup. The bread was very good and we even made butter. First we added eggs and flour then we added a bit of water. We mixed it up and then Mrs Pettifer put it in the oven. That was the bread. How we made the butter was, we put the cream in a pot and then we shook it up until it went plump. Then we looked at it and it was done. We put the butter on our bread. It was really good.We had potatoes, carrots, onions and we had tomato for the soup. When I tried it,  it tasted delicious.'' Islay

''You get milk from cows and you get beef from beef cows. You get ham from pigs and you get eggs from chickens. We made soup and bread and my job was to mix it. It was tricky to do it because it was tough. It was hard to get it all mixed. I didn’t try the soup because the only soup I like is tomato. I did try the bread and it was really yummy. We all ate it when it was cooled down. I didn’t try the butter because I don’t like it. We made lots of animals from paper and we hung them on the wall. I liked the project because we made the animals.'' Jude

''Food can come in gardens and a field. Cows get milked two times - a day and a night. We were making chickens and cows and pigs. Then we stuck them on to a farm picture and Mrs Pettifer made some into a book. The book was so we could read it at choosing time or after our reading or maths.'' Lauren 

''Cows have four stomachs. Four stomachs get the milk made. The cows eat grass to make the milk. The farmer spreads hay around a little place with a fork so they’re all warm for the winter. They have little bars to put their heads through to eat in the cosy place. The project was brilliant.'' Ruari

The photos show Lawrie, Steven, Ashton and Islay demonstrating how they made their bread and butter. Yummy!



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