Lunch time in Sri Lanka is great!

by Julie Thompson, Inspire-Aspire

I work for a personal development programme for young people called inspire>aspire. Young people in Scotland produce incredible and insightful work through our programme and when we found out Scotland was hosting the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games we decided to open up the programme to young people throughout the Commonwealth.

This is how I got my food story!

In March, I visit some schools in Sri Lanka – many teachers in Sri Lanka get up at 4am to make all of their daily meals from scratch.  They get to school for 7am, teach until 2pm and then many teach a night class from 5pm.  It sounds hard, and they do work incredibly hard but their staff rooms are amazing.  All of the staff sit around together at lunch time sharing packages of the incredible home cooked food that they have brought in.  I got to try some and it was absolutely delicious, well worth the 4am start!

Through inspire>aspire: Global Citizens in the Making, we want to help young people in Scotland learn about other cultures, and by experiencing school life in Sri Lanka it made me realise how nice their lunch time was - for them going to work felt like it was an enjoyable and sociable experience -  and it really made me question why I sit at my desk at lunch time eating my sandwich, alone.  We can learn so much from other cultures.

The picture shows me enjoying lunch at Kurunduwatta Royal College in Gampola.

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