Learning about food

by Mariam and Kerrie Primary 7, Knightswood Primary School, Glasgow

During our health lesson we were learning about food hygiene, the eatwell plate, cutting techniques (claw grip and bridge hold). We also learned how to prepare food. We made cous-cous, frozen yogurt, smoothies and orange sorbet.

FOOD HYGIENE: We learned lots of way the wash our hands using the following technique. First of all you put soap on your hands, then you rub your hands together going back and forward.  Then you clench your hands together, rub on your thumbs to make sure they're clean, rub one of your hand on top of the other and then vice versa. Finally wash all the soap off your hands and you will have sparkling clean hands!

CUTTING TECHNIQUE: We learned different ways to cut your fruit and vegetables, these ways are also very safe. We learned two different ways to cut our food. The first one we learned was the Claw Grip. The other was named The Bridge Hold.

THE EATWELL PLATE:  The eatwell plate is split into sections e.g fruit and vegetables, proteins, fats, milk and dairy, carbohydrates and sugary foods.  It helps us to improve our diets by giving us guidance on how much of each thing to eat.

5 A DAY:  We know about the importance of eating our 5 a day and have learned lots of tips to increase this, such as drinking juice or smoothies, or adding a spoonful of dried fruits such as raisins to our breakfast.  We kept a 5 a day diary at home.

COOKING FUN!:  We enjoyed making a variety of different dishes using fruit and vegetables.  We learned some tips such as how to look for reduced salt options in tinned veg, and how to avoid tinned fruit due to hidden sugar in the syrup.  We flavoured sweet things with vanilla and honey instead of sugar and we used herbs and spices instead of salt in our savoury dishes. We tasted everything that we made!



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