Interviewing Deborah - our fantastic school cook!

by Robert (P.6) and Christopher (P.7) St Agatha's RC PS

Pupils from St Agatha's RC PS in Fife have been finding out more about what's in their school meals and about the people who make them. Robert (P.6) and Christopher (P.7) were part of the team involved...

''I’m Robert and I was interviewing our school cook on the topic of food. I found out that the bananas are fair trade and she’s been working here for around twenty years.  She gets two ten minute breaks every day. She’s got four staff and she loves her job. She has a special qualification – she says you don’t need a degree to cook but she has one. Our class had a tour of the kitchen but I was doing the interviewing. I think that Deborah our cook works hard, makes good food and is a friendly cook. I think it is good because in my old school the cooks were moany and just told you to move along. During the school holidays I helped look after the allotment by watering the plants when the school was closed. I live nearby so I just went along to give the plants a drink.'' Robert (P.6)

''When Robert and I started, Robert didn’t know how to do audio interviewing, I had to teach him how to stop and record. Then I had to show him how to get on to the menu and how to delete, pause, listen to it etc. Afterwards we went to interview Deborah our school cook. First we had to go into a little room where it was quiet.  It was the kitchen staffroom. First we had to a practice one till Deborah got the hang of it. She listened to it. She answered all his questions and some of the things I didn’t expect and the information was quite interesting. I didn’t think you needed a degree because I thought you just did exams and then just passed. I found it interesting that only the bananas were fair trade.

I think it is important to learn how to interview people because you can use that skill to get information on other things. We learn a lot about food in our school. We had a project where we learned about organic foods and farming.'' Christopher (P.7)




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