Getting Growing at St Agatha's!

by Kirsty (P.5) & Olivia (P.4) St Agatha's RC PS, Fife

Pupils at St Agatha's RC PS have been busy creating a growing space in their school grounds. Kirsty from P.5 and Olivia from P.4 have been in touch to tell us more...

''In the school we made a raised bed so we could learn how plants grow and what you need. We had the wood out and it was cut already. It was re-used wood so it was good for our eco friends too. We started by putting the layers of jute bags in and then we put it around so the compost would stay still. We put in the compost but we needed to be careful. We couldn’t stand on it because our feet were hard and would push it all down too much. We had to use our hands.

Then we started to plant things. First we put lines of string across so there was enough space for the plant to grow. Then we put in each line or column a different plant so it would be more organised. Then we took the plant or seed and planted it. Next we went to Mr Laing’s office (he’s our janitor) to get lots of water. We had made sure it was in a place where the plants would get lots of sunshine.

Then we all took turns giving the plants water. We had to be careful not to give too much water. That happened to my plant. I tried to grow lettuce but it died. It was because it had too much water.'' Kirsty, P.5

''We were making a special raised bed in an afterschool club so that children can plant stuff and help them get healthy. We got the wood to make it and made sure we made it on the right bit of ground. You don’t want all the bits of grass growing through and you don’t want it to go squint and bumpy. Ours is kind of like a square.

We put bags made of strawish or hayish stuff on the bottom. Then we filled it with a layer of compost. Then we dug it right for the plants to go in and then we flattened it. I would say it was fun to do and all the children getting off and on the school bus have been watching and liking it. I am proud of myself for doing it. My gran and my wee brother went too and they really enjoyed it.'' Olivia, P.4

Spring will soon be here and we can't wait to hear more about what St Agatha's PS pupils are planning next!



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