Forthview Primary: A journey from soil to plate

by Eleanor Walker

Over the last three weeks, P7 children at Forthview primary school have been taken on the journey that food takes from the soil all the way to the plate.

In the first workshop, we started thinking about how most things we eat use the soil to grow. We did a (rather messy) soil pH and texture experiment, using some of the same methods that scientists use to decide what crops can grow where. The class then discussed what plants need to grow, using a germination experiment to test what happens when some of these things are taken away. Seeds were given different treatments and the children monitored their growth throughout the week with a germination diary.

The next week we discussed the classes findings and began to think about how not all plants need the same amount of light and water to grow. We explored the topics of seasonal produce and food miles. Then, to bring together everything that the class had learnt so far, we planted some 'first early' potatoes in the school garden. Once they have grown they will have almost zero food miles! The gardening club are now taking good care of them until they are ready to harvest.

In the final session, we completed the journey by discussing what ends up on our plate. We learned about the importance of healthy eating, the different food groups and what proportion we are recommended to eat them in. The class then got to make homemade pitta pizzas, asking questions such as ‘how many food groups are in this pizza?’ and ‘how many food miles do you think this contains?’.

What a great three weeks- thanks Forthview!


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