Finding out where our food comes from

by Troy and Emma (P.7) St Agatha's RC PS

As part of their work as a Food for Life Pathfinder school, pupils at St Agatha's RC PS in Fife have been investigating where their food comes from. Troy and Emma from P.7 told us more...

''My name is Troy. My opinion on our school Gold Menu project is that it is a good idea that we get organic food because it is healthy for us and it is better that we get more organic than non-organic. You’ve got to know what really is healthy for you as well as what labels say is healthier for you. It is an important difference.

When we had a Farm to Fork project we went to certain places and found out about things being organic and how the farming business works. We went to New Gilston Farm and Blacketyside. It was interesting to see how it all works. Sometimes there are chemicals used even if it doesn’t tell you on wrappers that chemicals were used.

We set up a farm shop in class and it was quite successful. We had quite a lot of stuff there to use. We had strawberries from Blacketyside to make jam . We had stovies and soup and loads more. I was the manager of the farm shop – my job was to check the food and make sure the whole shop was running as it should be. I had a lot of organising to do.'' Troy, P.7.


''I’d like to say about the organic foods and where it all comes from. I was surprised how much of the food from the local supermarkets doesn’t come from around here. When we went to Sainsbury’s for a behind the scenes look at how they kept the food – I discovered that they keep the food and veg in a freezer so it lasts longer.

I was also surprised at how many local food suppliers there were and that they weren’t getting used to their full advantage with all their foods. We also visited Blacketyside farm and we went to where they picked all the strawberries and that the people who picked them didn’t have regular working hours. They worked from when the sun went up and then till noon – after that they were finished for the rest of the day. We spoke to some of the people who were there but mainly spoke to the people in charge. We spoken to the people who picked the strawberries and they showed us how to do it. Then we found out how hard it is as you do a lot of bending down.

In class, we did a Farm to Fork project and learned how to make some foods that you can buy out of the shop. We found it was fresher and you knew exactly what was in it if you made it yourself. It tasted a lot better because it wasn’t in a tin or packet. The soup was my favourite because it tasted nicer than I thought it would.

 I was involved in building a raised bed as part of an allotment to grow fresh veg and herbs for the school. We had whole planks of wood and we got to use all the equipment and build it ourselves. The hardest bit was when we were putting the soil in. It came out quite fast and you needed it to be evenly spread. We planted herbs, potatoes, squash and onions.  In the garden we also planted some new plants and put a compost bin in.'' Emma, P.7.

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