Dunlop Dairy Trip

by Debbie Banks


Nether Robertland Primary School Visit Dunlop Dairy


Our school was selected out of the whole of East Ayrshire to represent the council at a meeting with Carlo Petrini, founder of The International Slow Food Movement. We were selected because Nether Robertland Primary School & ECC is located only a few miles away from Dunlop Dairy.  Our school works really hard to uphold the values and ethics of Food for Life Scotland and has achieved the Gold Award status.  We have also recently received our fourth Eco Flag, something which we are really proud of.


Before the visit to Dunlop Dairy Kirsten and Sammi from FFL came and spoke to us about Mr Petrini’s visit.  They helped us make traditional oat cakes which tasted delicious with a slice of Dunlop Cheese.  We were also shown the steps to the Scottish dance.


At Dunlop Dairy, we participated in various activities including reciting famous Scottish poems and songs such as Auld Lang Syne and Tam O’ Shanter. We also performed a traditional Scottish dance.  We were really lucky to have a fantastic fiddle player who provided the music for the dance.  Mr Petrini seemed to really enjoy all of the performances!  When we had finished our presentations we were given a taste of the delicious fresh milk and bread from the dairy.


For Mr Petrini, we made a photo album, showing all the great produce we grow in our school garden, which is then used in our school meals.  We think that he really appreciated it! He said it was a great experience meeting us and that he enjoyed listening and watching all our performances.


We all had a great time meeting Mr Petrini and his associates.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are really proud to have represented the Authority.


Written by Morgan Cumming and Maria McCaffrey


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