Dolphin Cafe at Currie High wins Silver Award

by Amanda Stuart


After being the first mainland Scottish high school to achieve its Bronze Award in 2012, Currie Community High School has achieved its Silver Food For Life Served Here Award. Currie’s Dolphin Café has seen huge improvements to its atmosphere and its service. Whether that be new healthy fizzy drinks or a variety of pasta dishes, Currie’s caterers have worked tremendously hard to source more local, seasonal and organic ingredients.


Head of the operations, Julie Young has driven the catering team to provide a friendly and high quality service for the pupils of Currie. Julie and her amazing team have ensured that the food served is freshly prepared and made with all the care any customer deserves.  Julie has also ensured that cooks and chefs work in a friendly and suitable environment—an environment you won’t walk away from without a smile. In association with teachers, support staff and pupils, the Dolphin Café is a welcoming place that values the needs of the pupils, its staff and its atmosphere. By serving Currie students healthy snacks and meals to get through the day, we hope to see huge increase in their health and wellbeing.


Though Silver is a high target to reach, Currie’s enthusiasm and close collaborations—I’m sure—is a pathfinder for all other schools across Scotland.




Clarke Gray (S6)



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