Currie High's Apple Fest

by Rachael Avery

Currie Community High School held a fantastic Currie Apple Fest on October 22nd, celebrating the coming of autumn and all the different local varieties of apples that were in season. 

Pupils cooked apple-based dishes in Health & Food Technology classes all week, including apple and cinnamon scones, apple crumble and Normandy apple flan. 

The school canteen (the Dolphin Café) served up a fantastic special menu including curried apple soup, Normandy apple chicken and cheese and apple strudel which went down a treat with pupils and staff alike. 

The foyer was busy over lunchtime with pupils visiting the different stalls and trying out the competitions, including trying to create the highest unsupported apple stack and the longest unbroken apple peel. 

The apple dangling competition proved hugely popular, with pupils racing in pairs to be the first to successfully take a bite out of a suspended apple with no hands. 

Teachers from the Health & Food Technology department were busy juicing apples for everyone to taste free apple juice.   Pupils also had the chance to learn more about the wealth of apple varieties available in the apple tasting stall. 

The school would like to thank Abundance Edinburgh who donated lots of apples for the event, Soil Association Scotland for their help and prize donations, and to all the pupils and staff who made the event happen, from designing posters to bringing in apples to running a stall at lunchtime. 

CCHS hope to use apples from their own young orchard for a similar event next year!



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