Community growing in Gracemount

by Pat Abel, Transition Edinburgh South

During a sunny 3 day period in late May, 60 pupils from Gracemount Primary School in the City of Edinburgh came each day to the community growing project at the Gracemount Walled Garden.

Community Gardeners from Transition Edinburgh South (TES) and a group of University students called ‘8 Ten’ supported pupils to undertake a variety of garden and nature activities.

The collaboration between the primary school, TES and university students was initiated by the local church youth worker and supported by church leaders and the Head Teacher. The students had set aside a week to undertake community focused youth work. All the groups working together ensured that lots of fun was had, and plenty of gardening jobs were tackled.

Highlights for the pupils included building compost heaps, creating wild flower meadows, making woodland art, creating signs, planting potatoes, weeding the raspberry patch, tidying up the paths and playing a zombie apocalypse tag game. Everyone engaged in lots of fantastic discussions on loads of topics including where our food comes from, and favourite fruits and vegetables.

Food-growing involving different groups is part of the ongoing work by TES, and a large part of this is ensuring that all involved have an increased awareness of the journey of food from seed to plate, and that local families have a sense of ownership of their local community garden. TES support regular community gardening sessions on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, as well as workshops, community lunches, film and food nights.

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