Celebrating 10 years of the Cairngorms

by Glynis Ross

2014 was an important year for the Cairngorms National Park Authority, marking the 10 year anniversary of the park being a National Park! The Soil Assocition and the National Park Authority joined together to celebrate this milestone through planting 18 orchards of native Scottish apple varieties throughout the park, as a lasting legacy of the Cairngorms Food for Life Project, and to mark the anniversary. 

The Soil Association Scotland and the Cairngorms National Park Authority have worked together over the last 3 years on the Cairngorms Food for Life Project, which has helped schools and communities within the Cairngorms National Park receive the tools necessary to build their own kitchen gardens; host school farmers markets; visit local farms with school children; helped 4 schools start keeping hens as a part of the school’s curriculum; arranged chefs to visit schools regularly to pass on cookery skills to students and teachers; and arranged visits from the Cooking Bus.  The Cairngorms Food for Life Programme has been a wonderful project and one that the schools and communities within the Cairngorms National Park feel they have had our support and guidance along the way.

Local communities came together for an orchard day to celebrate the planting of the first orchard, and over the next few months all 18 orchards were plated throughout the park with the help of local school children and community members. 


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