Baking Bonanza with Love Food Hate Waste

by Food for Life Scotland

During September and October, Love Food Hate Waste will be sharing ideas on how to make the most of the foods we buy and the goods that we bake.  They’ve got recipes which use some unusual ingredients or leftovers as well as tips on storing baked goods to ensure that they remain fresher for longer. 

Scottish homes throw away 6,570 tonnes of bakery goods (excluding breads), 2,850 tonnes of cakes and 2,020,000 tonnes of biscuits each year, with a combined value of over £32 million. The thought of cake going to waste troubles us, so we’ve picked a few of our favourite Love Food Hate Waste tips

Most of the bananas thrown away every year were just not eaten in time.  If you’re bananas are super-ripe then when not use them to make banana cakes, muffins, pancakes, loaves or even ice cream? Bananas can be popped in the freezer until you have enough of them to make some of these goodies.

If you cookies are a little over cooked, or even undercooked, they will make a delicious addition to ice cream.  Biscuit crumbs can be frozen and used as a cheesecake base, or in quick homemade chocolate truffles.

Some surprising foods that are often wasted can be used as an unusual cake ingredient.  Most of us are used to carrot cake, but why not give leftover mash a try? It makes a lovely moist orange and potato cake  or Norwegian Potato Muffins.  

Baking can sometimes leave us with lots of opened packs of all sorts of goodies so having recipes where we can easily substitute or add in some of these will help ensure that they are used up before being forgotten about.  If your recipe calls for dried fruit, try adding in dried apricots, dates or figs instead.  Chopped crystallised ginger can be used instead of candied peel.  Leftover coconut, cherries or mixed nuts can be added into or onto some of our favourite bakes such as flapjacks, muffins and shortbreads.  

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