A Better Hot Dog for Aberdeenshire Pupils

by Michael Padilla-Lamb, Assistant Catering Officer, Aberdeenshire Council

The task of providing menus that are popular with pupils is one achieved with very positive results in Aberdeenshire. Additionally our menus achieve requirements for content and nutritional laid down in Scottish Government legislation.

The Aberdeenshire School Catering Service recently gained the Food for Life Bronze Award of which we are very proud. The variety of meals available to pupils ranges from handmade traditional dishes to more modern choices such as fajitas, pizza and burgers. Among these choices on offer hot dogs are ranked very highly by our pupils.

To ensure our hot dog sausages are of premium quality, they are made to our recipe specification by a local butcher conforming to Food for Life Bronze award standards.

“It is really encouraging to be able to source a hot dog sausage made with local ingredients by a local supplier” says Ian Sandison, Catering Business Support Officer.

Our cooks are happier to be serving a superior quality hot dog. Pupils have been emphatic in their praise of the new ‘posh hot dogs’.

Irene Hogg, Strathburn School Kitchen Supervisor commented, “It’s great because children have said how really tasty they are and parents feel assured that we provide a much better quality hot dog.”


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